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Direct Sunlight Only: A Solo
performed and choreographed by Megan Koch

This piece is a physical manifestation of exploring the life, death, and decay of plants. These imagery-based concepts are used as the main inspiration for movement and are translated into a human body. Throughout this piece the dancer is taken on a physical and emotional journey of the life-cycle. This piece will offer a microscopic look into raw untameable movement that makes us question how we deal with change. Do we crumple and decay? Or do we open our eyes, let light in, and grow.

The Falling Company presents
choreographed and performed by Marissa Wong, featuring Jamie Bradbury, Jonathan Kim, Meagan Woods, Chick Snipper, Hayley Gawthrop, and Kayleigh Sandomirsky

Departure explores the response to emotional triggers and how those triggers influence physical patterning. Inspired by Bessel Van Der Kolk’s bestselling novel ‘The Body Keeps the Score,’ this solo work shares a personal landscape to share a collective and shared experience.

The Falling Company acknowledges the support of The Dance Centre, Canada Council for the Arts, BC Arts Council, Banff Centre for the Arts, Dance West Network, New Works, and KW Studios in the development of Departure.

Motives Dance Company presents
Minutes, Hours, Days, Years
choreographed by Brett Bowser & Kylee Hart, performed by Emily Allen, Alecia Hack, Samantha Leahy, Megan Kick, Jennah Paron, Brett Perkins, and Aidan Muth

Minutes, Hours, Days, Years explores our relationship with time – how we spend it, how we measure it, and how our perception of it impacts our lives.

This stunning theatrical dance experience showcases seven dynamic dancers and a sweeping soundtrack featuring everything from old standards to experimental soundscapes.

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